– Spring has sprung at Maryland HealthCare –

Spring has sprung at Maryland Healthcare and we have been busy in the gardens. Find out how we are committed to good environmental practice.

Tree plantation is good for the environment. Everyone knows that trees are the source of oxygen. They inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen which of course, is extremely important.

Maryland Healthcare is committed to good environmental practice. We have just planted over 50 trees in our surrounding acres of the Healthcare Centre.

Trees include: Irish Oak, Weeping Ash, Crab Apple, Pear, Cherry, and Liquid Amber trees.

Apart from inhaling carbon dioxide, trees also absorb various harmful gases as well as filtering harmful pollutants from the atmosphere, thereby providing us fresher and cleaner air to breathe.

The growing amount of air pollution caused by the smoke emitted by vehicles and factories have the potential to be absorbed in part, if we plant more and more trees. However, this is not the only reason why tree plantation is important. It offers several other benefits.

Some of the top advantages of growing trees include:

  • Providing fruits and leaves that serve as food for birds & animals
  • Habitat / homes for birds and animals
  • Conservation of water & Preservation of good soil
  • Climate Control & Maintaining bio diversity

Even though trees offer so many benefits and are extremely important for maintaining the ecological balance, we are cutting down more trees daily. New tree plantation is therefore essential to compensate for this loss, and here at Maryland Healthcare we are dedicated to providing an excellent environment for not only now, but for future generations.