Sebille the 21Lb Salmon

Sebille, the 21lb Salmon was caught by our Operations Director, Peter Marshall on Carnroe Beat on the River Bann near Kilrea in 2013.  A lucky catch, or as Peter – experienced fisherman practices – likes to put it, Sebille was the catch of his life (in fish terms of course).

Once home with Peter and after enjoying the many salmon steaks, Peter decided to make Sebille a permanent fixture by conserving and mounting in a case. Many a contemplation and conversation are centred around Sebille, as she was a very beautiful salmon, and Peter will tell any keen fisherman of this trials to get Sebille landed on the banks of Carnroe.

However, there was one small snag, Sebille was not loved by everyone, and upon moving into a new house, Peter’s wife Eimear was unimpressed with Sebille.  Sebille did not go with the contemporary modern interior of the house, so poor Sebille had to find a new home.  Not wanting to part with Sebille, Peter brought her round to Maryland and she now resides in the training room to watch over everyone while staff complete training.

Sebille – the 21lb Salmon is a legend, and if you would like to call and see Sebille, do not hesitate to ask!