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– Meet ‘Shay’ the Therapy Dog –

Shay is a 10-year-old dachshund, commonly known as a sausage dog due to his long back and short legs. Shay has been with us from the beginning and continues to delight residents with his sunny personality and his ability to look angelic in the hopes of getting attention.

Shay is very well trained by his owner, Jane, who as our Activity Co-Ordinator is always delighted to take Shay around Maryland and introduce him to our residents. . .

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– Meet ‘Sugar’, the Miniature Therapy Pony –

Sugar, the miniature therapy pony resides at Maryland Healthcare. Sugar stands at only 29” / 74cm tall.  Sugar has a beautiful orange coat, messy cream mane and tail, little tiny hooves, that make a clip and clop and a neigh that is unmistakable.

Sugar is only 2 years old, and yet she is the boss of the field. She has fun running after the dog, and can eat as many carrots as you can give her. Sugar is friendly and sometimes thinks she is human; she would practically follow you into the home and be content running around looking for someone to stroke her and of course – food!. . .

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