– Meet the Maryland guinea pigs –

In August 2018, Maryland Healthcare was kindly donated two male guinea pigs by a generous individual who had read about our pet therapy and wanted the guinea pigs to move to a good home. Maryland gladly accepted the gift, and “Thor and Loki” where collected, complete with all of their housing and supplies.

Staff and residents where delighted with the little creatures, and they soon settled in to a very comfortable life here at Maryland, receiving lots of attention, and quite possibly too much food and treats!

It came the time that Thor and Loki’s nails needed to be clipped and one of the activity therapists, Jane took them to a local pet shop to have them done. When Jane handed over the guinea pigs, the grooming assistant said she had something to tell her. Jane was terrified that it might be bad news about their health, but to great surprise it turns out that Thor and Loki where actually two girls!

This made a lot of sense, as like the majority of sisters, they fought on occasion but soon made up after, but all in all, they were inseparable.

It now came down to the Unit to rename Thor and Loki, so Jane organised a naming ballot, with “Lily and Ella” topping the poll.

Lily and Ella travel around the four units at Maryland to see the residents, and they chatter constantly in a high pitched, song-like speech. When they are let out to roam the garden, it is nearly impossible to catch them, as they zoom around in lightning speed, and it is fun to watch the staff running around trying to corral them back into their hutch.

Lily and Ella are very much a loved part of the Maryland pet family, and we hope to get a really good summer so that they can enjoy the outdoors, and continue to spread happiness throughout.