– Maryland Healthcare’s first fire safety awareness training session –

Fire safety is always paramount throughout the year, but especially with Halloween having just passed with its fireworks and pumpkins glowing with candlelight, our thoughts are refocused on this issue. At Maryland Healthcare, however, no candles are in sight. A point well made to all staff by our very own Peter Marshall, Operations Director and onsite Fire Expert… or so he thinks!

The staff at Maryland have been participating in our now annual (Happy first birthday to Maryland Healthcare) Fire Evacuation Training sessions. This is the first time we have been able to run these fire training sessions and it has proven to be successful. The sessions are both theory and practical, with a PowerPoint presentation and fire safety video informing us all of the dangers of fire, especially within a nursing home environment. The practical aspect of the session included removing a fire extinguisher from a box – which is more complicated than it sounds for those untrained. The most entertaining aspect for any onlooker was the evacuation sheet demonstration. The image of Jessica McGreevy removing herself from the straps and sprinting down the corridor to get away from those ‘rescuing her’ is a sight no one present will forget.

All joking aside, this demonstration proved to be very informative for all of Mr Marshall’s pupils.

Fire safety is something that not a lot of people think about, but the training sessions have opened all of our eyes to how important it is to be trained and confident knowing what to do in an emergency. As for the rest of the staff, we are sure they would agree that having an annual training session will ensure a renewed sense of importance and will allow the cobwebs to be dusted off their own fire safety skills.

The dreaded end-of-session quiz called the training session to a close. The thought of not passing and having to endure another two hours with Mr Marshall kept everyone on their toes. Failure was not an option!!As this was the first annual fire safety session available to staff, it must be said that Mr Marshall delivered it excellently and it has truly had the desired outcome; FIRE SAFETY IS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY.