– Congratulations to HealthCare Supervisor & new homeowner, Chloe Brown –

One of the first members of staff through our doors was Chloe Brown.  Chloe joined the company on 24th July 2017 and has continuously been an asset to the company.  Known for being quiet, until you get to know her, Chloe is well respected by her peers and residents alike.

Chloe learnt the tricks of the trade when she was working within a community environment and also within a nursing home environment, before making the move to Maryland.  Their loss was definitely our gain.

When she is not in work Chloe and her partner are frequently found jumping off piers, playing tennis or binge watch detective crime box sets.  Detective Brown has a nice ring to it! Chloe is an avid skier and one who seems to like the adrenaline sports.

Chloe has just purchased her first home and is in the process or organising the big paint party…enquire with her directly to RSVP your place…

Chloe’s future ambition is to study Nursing with Open University, but for now she is enjoying being a proud home owner.