– A note from Jane Sarrazin, Activities Therapist at Maryland HealthCare –

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Jane Sarrazin and I have been with Maryland  HealthCare for just over a year now. I am an Activities Therapist and as this is a new role for me, I have thrown myself in by actively reading material, attending courses and participating in activity sessions in other care home establishments.

Maryland is a beautiful place to work. If I had a pound for every time I heard visitors, ambulance staff and healthcare professionals saying it’s more like a hotel than a care home, I would be in the money! It’s about time we improved care home facilities in our country and I’m delighted that Maryland is leading the way. Remember, it could be you or me needing the services of a care facility one day!

My first point is, I ask myself: “How would I like to be treated” and I start from here. The second is that every resident is a unique individual with their own needs and choices. I take my time to get to know every resident and do my best to meet relatives and friends to enable me to get a synopsis of their life.

Time is perhaps the most valuable thing you can give to someone. Just spending some time being there with them can often mean more than anything else.

Whatever activities you are doing, it is important to ensure you slow down, stay calm, be patient and work at your loved one’s pace. People do slow down as they get older and trying to rush someone can just cause confusion and anxiety.

It’s not about the end result of trying to make a great looking object in one of your arts and crafts session, but rather it’s the impact and the positive effect it is has on the individual resident. Whether that be a smile or a laugh, it has never meant so much too me; if only we all could be so happy with so little.

Activities do not have to be complicated to have a positive effect.

I can honestly and sincerely say I absolutely love my job. Everyone working in Maryland is simply great and thank you to everyone for helping me on my new path.”