– What makes a good nursing  home? –

Nursing care is sometimes the first time a person has been admitted to a long term residence other than their own home. Often the person has lived at home all of their lives, and after a hospital admission, nursing care is the preferred option for comfort and safety. It is a big upheaval for both the person involved and their families. It is therefore extremely important that the most suitable nursing care home is identified, but what exactly makes a good care home?

A good care home is a facility which provide the following 3 categories:

  • Healthcare Staff – Professional and compassionate
  • Residents – Comfortable and cared for
  • Environment – Fit for purpose and adaptable

All these components need to be working in harmony for successful nursing care.

At Maryland Healthcare we pride ourselves on creating a “Care Centre of Distinction”, which combines these components to create a care home that will be enjoyed by all who will have residency and visit.