– The Importance of Laundry Systems –

 When choosing a laundry system for a new build nursing care facility, a number of factors are crucial; practicality, user friendly, reliability and budget.

Laundry can often be one of the most frustrating components within nursing homes, with identification, infection control and washing instructions proving just some of the issues experienced.

At Maryland Healthcare we decided to go to the “next step” in laundry care.  Maryland has the first “barrier laundry system” within a community nursing care facility in Northern Ireland.

Barrier laundry systems are used extensively within hospitals and acute trusts, as it provides a fundamental part of their rigorous infection control protocol. Here at Maryland, we have adopted the same approach to help eradicate some of the most common infection control and cross contamination issues and implemented a barrier laundry system.

Laundry Tumble Dryers

Laundry Dosing Machine

Laundry Washing Machine

The barrier laundry system requires a number of factors to meet these guidelines:

– Two separate rooms for dirty / clean laundry

– One adjoining hand wash area for transitioning from dirty to clean areas

– State of the art Electrolux washing machines with two doors – one located in the dirty-in area; the second located in the clean-out area

– A computerized dosing system built-in within smart technology of the machines to dose the clothes appropriately with the correct chemicals

This layout provides both a physical barrier, and an operational barrier, thus reducing the chances of infection control and cross contamination.

Maryland Healthcare is clearly committed to “best practice” when it comes to providing a “fit for purpose” environment with such a barrier laundry system. This system provides quality assurances for both the residents and our staff.