– Meet ‘Shay’ the Therapy Dog –

Shay is a 10-year-old dachshund, commonly known as a sausage dog due to his long back and short legs. Shay has been with us from the beginning and continues to delight residents with his sunny personality and his ability to look angelic in the hopes of getting attention.

Shay is very well trained by his owner, Jane, who as our Activity Co-Ordinator is always delighted to take Shay around Maryland and introduce him to our residents.

Shay is very calm and friendly, and knows every inch of the Maryland Healthcare building in his continued search for food and treats. Shay brings a smile to everyone’s face and is even good with other visiting dogs.

Shay has a friend call Milo, who is also a dachshund. Milo is a lot younger and therefore a lot more active. Milo is the opposite of Shay, greeting residents with a wagging tail and talkative noises, just to let you know that he is there.