– Mary McKeown –

Kilreagh born Mary McKeown is a young 98 years old and loves nothing more than talking about her life, family and how much she loves it here at Maryland.

Mary began working in a lawyer’s office writing wills, which she enjoyed for 20 years. Loyal to this type of work all of her working life, she found it very rewarding. Mary has always been independent but in her seventies, daily life was getting a little harder so she moved into a fold in Belfast and has been there for 25 years.

In recent months, Mary has been a much-loved resident in Maryland. The admission came about following a fall, where Mary unfortunately fell and fractured her shoulder. Mary says the only reason she fell was because she was rushing around, which we have come to realise is nothing new for her, as she loves to be busy.

Speaking about her time at Maryland, she said: “It is great to have the company of the staff and residents. I love the staff here as the entire team embodies happiness. Everyone here I see as friends of mine. I feel as if I am just at home. I couldn’t speak higher about everything here; when I go home I will remember my time in Maryland with one line… “The song has ended but the melody lingers on.”